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Mopani believes that the basis for a sound relationship with its host communities and other stakeholders is open and honest communication as well as effective management of complaints and grievances.

For this reason, Mopani has developed a complaints and grievances redress procedure (PRO-264) to guide the handling of complaints and grievances from the community arising from its operations and/or incidental to (including development and construction) are brought to its attention for appropriate remedial action.

It also provides a process that enables community stakeholders to present their complaints and/or grievances to the company on likely impacts associated with the company’s operations.

Why we have a complaints policy

As a way of receiving feedback from the community and other stakeholders, Mopani has provided Registers for redressal of community concerns, complaints and grievances.
The registers are self-explanatory and are placed in places that are easily accessible to members of the general public.
Mopani periodically collects the registers to review complaints and concerns on Mopani’s operations. Feedback is provided within a period of 15 working days.
Complaints registers are available to enable communities within Mopani’s catchment area and beyond to lodge their concerns, or give their feedback/suggestions in relations to Mopani’s operations if any.
How to Lodge Complaints and Grievances

Complaints and Grievances may be lodged:

  1. by recording it in the complaints registers that are placed at easily accessible venues within the community.
  2. by an e-mail or post to the Corporate Affairs Office on the addresses provided.
  3. In person to the Corporate Affairs Officer. Verbal complaints are recorded in writing with the aid of the Corporate Affairs officer.
  4. by phoning the Corporate Affairs Officer on the number provided.
How a Complaint Can Be Made

When lodging a complaint, please provide the necessary detail concerning your complaint with particular attention to:

  1. Date of incident(s)
  2. Place of occurrence
  3. Nature of indent(s)
  4. Affected party or area(s)
  5. Name
  6. Contact Details together with a brief description of the complaint

Places Where Complaints Register Are Found

  1. Mayor’s Parlor—Civic Centre
  2. Kitwe Library
  3. Wusakile Hospital (COPD)
  4. Wusakile Hospital (Male OPD)
  5. Mindolo Clinic I
  6. Former RDC’s Office – Mindolo
  7. J Clinic Chamboli
  8. Kitwe District Administrations Office (BOMA)
  9. Kandabwe Police Post
  10. Mindolo Police Post (‘E’ Market)
  11. Parliamentary Office - Wusakile Constituency Office
  12. Parliamentary Office Kamfinsa Constituency Office
  13. Natwange Clinic
  14. D4 Clinic Wusakile
  15. Mapalo Primary School—Mugala
  1. Malcolm Watson Hospital Annex OPD
  2. Malcolm Watson Hospital General OPD
  3. Mufulira Library
  4. Butondo Clinic 7
  5. Kankoyo Clinic 5
  6. Kantanshi Clinic 2
  7. Kantanshi Clinic 6
  8. Eastlea Clinic 9
  9. Central Dressing Clinic Plant Area

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