Mining Operations

Mopani Copper Mines PLC has since 2014 sunk and equipped three (3) brand new shafts to replace the old infrastructure at both Nkana and Mufulira mine sites, which dates back to the 1930s. The three new shafts are Syclinorium and Mindola Deeps Shafts at Nkana Mine in Kitwe and The Henderson Shaft at Mufulira Mine site. Mopani has also built a brand new Concentrator at Nkana mine site, The New Syclinorium Concentrator.

The new infrastructure is expected to extend the life of the mine by over 25 years, improve production efficiencies and safeguard the existing jobs while guaranteeing Mopani’s continued contribution to growing the Zambian economy.


Mopani has installed an environmentally-friendly brand new Acid Plant to capture SO2 emissions which affected Mufulira for over 70 years

Mopani Copper Mines PLC is committed to running a world-class environmentally sustainable mining operation. The company has completed the Upgrade of the Mufulira Smelter to achieve 97 Percent SO2 capture, thereby ending a 70-Year-old legacy of SO2 emissions.


Mopani Refinery's capacity is 220,000 tonnes of cathodes per annum

At Refinery, copper anodes coming from the Smelter are electro-refined to produce cathodes with 99.999 % Cu and conforming to the LME grade ‘A’ requirements.

Cathode stripping at the Refinery