Synclinorium Concentrator

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1 Mtpa
Hoisting Capacity
$ 1 million
Project Cost
1 + years
Extending mining lifespan
1 million
Tonnes Ore Resources

Following Mopani Copper Mines PLC’s sinking and equipping of the Nkana¬† Synclinorium Shaft, the old Nkana Concentrator in operation since 1931 needed upgrading to a new and modern uprated facility to handle the increased production volume from the new shaft.

The Synclinorium Concentrator is a new 4.2 Mtpa state-of-the-art automated concentrating facility in commissioning stage since January 2022 at a cost of $220m. The plant will:

    • Improve concentrate grades from 23% to 28%
    • Improve copper recoveries from 89% to 94%
    • Improve concentrator capacity to 4.2 Mtpa ore milled to support new shafts production

Synclinorium Concentrator features include the following technologies:

      • Concentrate regrind to improve final concentrate grades
      • 2 state-of-the-art Jameson Cleaners
      • Larox Pressure Filtration
      • Sampler design to facilitate full metal accounting
      • On-stream-analyser system