MCM Schools record 16th 100 percent pass rates

MCM Schools record 16th 100 percent pass rates for grades 7 and 9

All grade seven and nine pupils who sat for the 2022 national examinations at the Mopani Copper Mines PLC-run schools in Kitwe and Mufulira have passed their examinations.

This is the 16th year in a row that all grade seven and nine pupils at MCM Nkana Primary and Secondary Schools as well as MCM Mufulira Primary and Secondary Schools have recorded a 100 percent pass rate at the two national examination levels.

In the Grade Seven 2022 Examinations, MCM-Nkana Primary School had 39 pupils scoring 800 marks and above out of the 156 candidates that sat for the examinations with the highest pupil scoring 831. The school had 116 pupils scoring between 700 and 799 marks with only one pupil getting just below 700.

At MCM-Mufulira Primary School, 5 pupils out of 69 candidates scored above 800 marks with the highest obtaining 810. A further 56 scored between 707 and 798 marks and only 8 pupils obtained below 700 marks.

In the Grade Nine examinations, MCM-Nkana Secondary School had 18 pupils scoring 500 marks and above with the highest scoring 537 (out of 600 marks). From the 69 candidates that sat for the 2022 Grade Nine Examinations, 44 pupils scored between 401 and 499 marks while 7 pupils obtained marks ranging from 338 to 399.

At MCM-Mufulira Secondary School, 3 pupils scored 500 marks and above with the highest scoring 535 (out of 600 marks). The school had 35 pupils scoring between 400 and 499 marks while 13 pupils scored between 300 and 399 marks with one only pupil scoring below 300.

In commenting on the results, Mopani Copper Mines PLC Corporate Affairs Manager, Ms. Lorraine Tembo, attributed the school’s academic achievements made over the years to the massive support they have been receiving from Mopani and the parents.

“I am proud to be associated with this kind of academic achievements and I must say Mopani Copper Mines PLC has been playing a big role in ensuring that our schools remain among the best in the country in as far as academic performance is concerned,” said Ms. Tembo.

“It is gratifying that we have at one of our primary schools almost 40 pupils scoring over 800 marks at grade 7 while at grade 9 level one of our secondary schools had 18 pupils scoring 500 marks and above. It makes us very proud. We acknowledge the efforts made by the parents and we commend them for their commitment.”