Mopani Women in Mining Forum & Exhibition 2023

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Mopani Women in Mining Forum & Exhibition 2023

In an effort to align with the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP) of achieving higher and inclusive growth, whilst addressing poverty and inequality, Mopani intends to strengthen its social license to operate by demonstrating a deliberate policy to support Women in Business in the mining sector. Notably, the spinoff of support to women-owned suppliers and contractors, is rooted in the reality that they are not limited to do business with Mopani. Their developed capacity enables them to do business with all the mine companies in the region and beyond. 

Mopani plans to host its very first Women in Mining Forum and Exhibition aligned to ‘focus’ area 2. ‘Capacity support to female-led local SMEs’. This will be followed by the establishment of a nuanced Supplier Development Programme to stimulate sustained growth of selected Women in Business to enhance their access to Mopani’s supply chain. 


To facilitate the strengthening of women in business in the mining sector to ensure increased access to Mopani’s spend up to 35% in 6 years.


Place your company as an industry leader/ Engage with key decision-makers and
policy-makers/ Showcase your brand.

Increase the visibility of your business and generate leads. Promote new technology or product/service to
targeted and relevant audience. Collect invaluable data, contacts and feedback
from key participants from industry

Attend the interactive panel discussions and
take part in Copperbelt’s first Women in
Mining Forum & Exhibition (see fees below)

Partner to develop a robust Supplier Development Programme focused on
enhancing selected businesses’ capacity to
supply the mines with timely and quality products

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